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The old rope ain’t broke?

I Like expressions. I think they are a fun way of communicating. I’m sure you will here them from me from time to time. However, there are two in particular I have come to dislike more and more over time; “It ain’t broke don’t fix it”, and “Testing is money for old rope”. Both of […]

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Wasting Away

When I change consumer units, such as this. Where it is old, damaged and no longer fit for the purpose it was designed it must be disposed of. I am keen on recycling. I have been for years. I was saving up my plastic milk bottles and more to take to the collection point for […]

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1st post

Ponder ponder, electrical ponder..   I really hate This Page Under Construction pages. So this is a pictures of some tools I use for fixing control panels instead.

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Oh dear. It looks like Frieda has over done it looking through the @acecompressors catalogue. pic.twitter.com/QfzP3HXXA1

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Ahh this things an old monster! It's only 1000uF and 35mm dia. Can get them 1/3 this size easily. Lead pitch issue? pic.twitter.com/lF0UPejF9y

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Right. Time to put my brain cap on to sort out my #Electrical puzzles. No help from Gabbro is expected pic.twitter.com/GTGy2RHQ61

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Watching #StandUpToCancer #ChildGenius. Wife not impressed with my knowledge of @Screwfix Plumbing section. Even though I'm an Electrician.

A Job Well Done! We have some important news to share with you. 5 years ago, we set out to make it easier for us... fb.me/8lqfQGtCF Retweeted by Richard Wheatcroft

Saw this appalling Shower replacement today. Tennant not impressed. I wonder if the Landlord will care? pic.twitter.com/xuZ7Gdeh9y

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The biggest challenge of our generation got just 82 seconds in the first US presidential debate. #USElection #debate pic.twitter.com/tFx5vftHbf Retweeted by Richard Wheatcroft

Looking to buy or sell? Have the electrics been checked? See our advice before the sold sign goes up… twitter.com/i/web/status/7… Retweeted by Richard Wheatcroft

The new week starts here... If this sounds like you, get in touch today. #macclesfield pic.twitter.com/VU3ZZ1b24a Retweeted by Richard Wheatcroft

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Vomit-filled skinbag Nigel Farage says Trump's deplorable behavior is "just how men talk." No it isn't, you fuckheel. It's how scum talk. Retweeted by Richard Wheatcroft

First farm to grow veg in a desert using only sun and seawater bit.ly/2dHN5lr pic.twitter.com/NSQhjO9rjl Retweeted by Richard Wheatcroft

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Just found some awesome stickers! My #Workshop rolling cart is going to look so cool!! pic.twitter.com/zGuuoLEtvr

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AMAZING NEW @SolarRoadways . ONLY as pedestrian area. Half tiles failed within 2 days! @eevblog ROFLMAO! pic.twitter.com/bWpUaZxMIs Retweeted by Richard Wheatcroft